Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Changed Perspective, My Thanks, My Brother

Earlier I was having a bad night... cursing my job and complaining... Then a man pulled up next to me to ask for directions. Annoyed, I opened my door because the window in the patrol car, that my company provides, doesn't work.

The man in the car politely asks, "C-c-ccan you p-p-ppllllease tell me the directions to w-w-washington aaand h-h-olt. I-I-I'm tring to get t-t-to the American Lllleigon aaaand if I c-c-can g-et to thaaaaat intersection I-I can find it." But before I could give him directions he spoke again, "Y-y-you'll have to excuse me, I-I-I was blown up in Iraq." This being the reason for his speech impediment...

I gave him the directions to get where he was going and shook his hand and told him, "Thank You."

I sat back in my vehicle and had my perspective immediately... My eyes grew misty as I sat and reflected on the events that just occurred. My mind puzzled on why that gentleman felt like he needed to apologise to me for an injury that he received fighting for me...

I want to take this time to thank all the soldiers past and present.
There are horrors in this world that you have seen that I couldn't even dream of in my worst nightmares.
Thank you for your courage, your strength, your valor, and in this soldier's case, your modesty.

I do want to send out a special thank you to a Marine. One that has changed my life in more ways and helped me through more things than he'll ever possibly know. He is like the big brother I never had and he continues to teach me and guide me almost every day... even if he doesn't know it.
Adam (aka aardvark kill)I am proud to be able to say I know you, call you my friend, and even call you my brother. I love you, man. Thank you.

Until next time, my friends, stay safe, thank a soldier, and as always... watch your step...