Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's finally over... right?

Today President Barack Obama took the oath of office. Finally. Maybe all of the hype and craziness will be put behind us... no? Maybe not immediately, but it'll happen soon enough.

Over the last 8 years I have heard people talk about former President Bush. I've heard their opinions go from, "I like him," to "What a dumb ass," and the same will happen to Obama.

I am not a supporter of Obama, but I will start off by wishing him the best of luck in a position that he will soon find out to be the "whipping boy" of America. What I mean by this is that as soon as Obama does something distasteful to the American public he will be shunned, and it will continue to spiral down hill until his 4 or 8 years are over.

I always thought the position of president came with pride and power, but I realized shortly after entering high school that the president has little to no power and the pride is eventually hacked away by the general public because a person with high standing in society, like a celebrity (by the way, celebrities are definitely not people that I wanna take my political advise from), said it was bad. And the people, like sheep, follow blindly because, "Hey, they have a lot of money, and everyone else likes them, so they must be smart." WRONG They have a lot of money because along the way they got lucky, scammed someone, or, in extremely rare cases, worked hard and earned it. And one more thing... they're called actors for a reason. They can easily pretend to care about something to up their credentials.

I know what you're thinking, "But Obama promised change!" Yeah, but any Joe Blow can promise change. I say, "In 10 minutes the wind speed is gonna change. Tomorrow the temperature is gonna change and be higher. In 6 months the whole United States is going to be experiencing a change in the length of days and we will have temps as high as 80 degrees!" Now that's change we can all believe in because it's true. Just as true as Obama's "Change" will be. Of course it's gonna change. It was going to change no matter who got elected. It's a cycle. So with all this change floating around next time a homeless person asks me for some I'm just gonna tell him Obama has all the change.

But for those of you that are a little more politically savvy you should have heard that Obama supports the wiretapping without warrants. Now, honestly, I really don't care cause I have nothing to hide, but it's the principal that everyone was pissed at Bush for supporting it and they are already getting pissed at Obama. See, he's already headed down the slippery slope.

There's another issue that I'm going to touch on because it pisses me off. That's the issue of race. I really hate the issue of race because every time it comes up, who ever is talking about it, always tries to make me look bad, and that's bull shit. I was not apart of, slavery. I was not apart of the civil war. And I was not apart of the civil rights movement. So leave me alone. If you wanna talk about it don't make me look like a bad guy. Make those people that you are against look like bad people. The problem with looking at it with a "good" side and a "bad" side is the fact that you must look at it through the eyes of someone on the "bad" side. That was their way of life, and even though society will agree that it is wrong, they thought it was right. Would you not do the same if someone was trying to make you live the "right" way?

Let it bounce around for a while in your noggin and get back to me. I'm going to class.
Take it easy, have fun, and as always... Watch your step.